Carole Gendron Bio

I have 2 passions in life : Artificial Intelligence and Art which I do since I remember.

I’m a modern nomade. I leaved in 4 countries in the last 20 years and I’m fascinated by crossing the borders, bridging cultures and merging arts.

I started OpenTaggle to join my 2 passions. Combining Artificial Intelligence technics and Art to democratize the complexity of our world.


‘The Magic of ARTificial Intelligence’

Grand Opening Women in AI. January 2020

Event celebrating Artificial Intelligence and Art with the presence of 5 AI-art performance in Amsterdam.

‘Dutch Medicine’ Exhibition

October 2019, Amsterdam

Exhibition gathering artists from different countries, based in Amsterdam and proposing their art piece as a tribute to our adopting land : Netherlands.


AI for Sustainable Development Goals (UN)

Women in AI February 2020

Data Visualization and AI in Corporate Business

KPMG February 2020

AI and Art

VR Days Europe November 2019